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Fresh Eyes, Fresh Ideas

Have you ever looked at something so many times that it fades int the background where you barely notice it? This can happen in business and sometimes fresh eyes really help spur innovation. Ideas can come from anywhere in an organization when thought sharing and...

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Added Value from Contract Employees

Many small businesses can't afford to hire a Vice President or CIO to provide IT strategy. Some companies outsource their IT services as it is an easy way to provide services. Business owners know they should be spending more on technology but it is difficult to...

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5 Ways to Boost Website Traffic

5 Ways to Boost Traffic to your Website Traffic, if you are online, you covet it, if you have it, you want more. Many businesses fail to utilize their web sites and online tools properly. Here are five things your business should be doing to help boost traffic to your...

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Shopify Adds SSL Cert for all Stores

Shopify, one of the leading eCommerce, retail shopping cart providers has always had one major flaw that prevented new online businesses from gaining instant credibility. This flaw was a lack of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for the site. To savvy online...

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7 Steps to Finally Master Facebook Ads

      7 Steps to Finally Master Facebook Ads by Azriel Ratz, CEO of Ratz Pack Media Here is the quick summary of the steps to mastering Facebook ads, but please read the full article to see the brilliance and simplicity of the Ratz Pack approach. This...

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Business and Technology: News and Notes

What went wrong with Target Canada? via Canadabusiness.com