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Shopify, one of the leading eCommerce, retail shopping cart providers has always had one major flaw that prevented new online businesses from gaining instant credibility. This flaw was a lack of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for the site. To savvy online buyers, SSL is important because it is a popular encryption mechanism used to encrypt sensitive information from online forms while the data is being transported from your computer or device to the site’s databases. When shoppers arrive at new site they can be easily spooked and abandon their carts if they feel that the site is not secure and their information could be at risk.

Of course, Shopify stores are fully secure when you get to the payment gateways, but many prospective buyers may not get that far when they see http:// in the address bar instead of https://. The “S” lets them know that the site is secure from the very onset of the interaction and it is vitally important to make customers feel secure as soon as they land on the site.

Many shops post their security protocols on their site and even add them to the top of the web pages to showcase the safety of the site, as shown below.

Security Logos



Some sites even purchase Extended Validation SSL certificates so they can show the Internet browser bar in green, to provide another visual cue about the security of the site. Below are some examples of how the browser address bar can inform visitors of the encryption and security that is running on the site.

Extended Validation SSL certs example











Here is the great news. The Shopify SSL certificate is will highlight the https:// in green which most likely means that it is an Extended Validation SSL certificate. The image below shows a Google Chrome browser with the https:// highlighted in green.

Shopify Extended Validation address bar


Using the Shopify SSL certificate will not cost you any money, but installing it may be difficult. Shopify support offers some help, but should businesses require extra help, it is best to hire a consultant with experience implementing and configuring Shopify stores.

The availability of the SSL certificate is a welcome change to the Shopify service, and making it free saves their customers money every year.

Detailed information on activating your SSL certificate can be found here: https://docs.shopify.com/manual/domains/ssl

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