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Many small businesses can’t afford to hire a Vice President or CIO to provide IT strategy. Some companies outsource their IT services as it is an easy way to provide services. Business owners know they should be spending more on technology but it is difficult to allocate enough of the budget to be effective. Hiring part-time contractors is a great way to help fit IT strategy into a budget, but what are some practical things that contractors can accomplish to add value to your business?

1. Contractors are focused on the specific tasks they are hired to do. They tend to execute faster and more efficiently.
2. Contractors can help even out team dynamic and pave the way for smoother transitions
3. Contractors can also quickly point out different strategies that may have a higher success rate.

The best time to gain a fresh perspective is within 60 days of a new employee joining your organization. This is the point where familiarity and route starts to set in. Contractors can bring in these perspectives and provide the advice throughout their contract providing more value than just the project they complete.

Stay tuned for some practical examples of additional value provided by contractors.